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Native American People & Languages


Regions are specific places
That fit within our continent's spaces.
A region may be large or may be small
With one or more features standing out overall.
For instance, the Plains region is quite unique
Because the places are few where a tree does peek.
While areas of the Far North region for most of the year
Are covered with snow almost up to one's ear.
The California region is especially blessed
With variety within it more so than the rest.
Having mountains, deserts, valleys and trees
And miles of coastline facing the breeze.
There are seven other regions making a total of ten
Of the regions that native Americans lived in.

Table of Contents


  • What is language?
  • What are dialects?
  • Major Tribes or Groups in North America

People and Language Charts

  • Far North
  • SubarctiC
  • Pacific Northwest Coast
  • California
  • Great Plateau
  • Great Basin
  • Plains
  • Desert Southwest
  • Southeast Woodlands
  • Northeast Woodlands
  • Language Review Questions
  • Native American People Word Search
  • Native American People Word Search Solutions
  • Native American Languages Word Search
  • Native American Languages Word Search Solutions

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