Native American Conflicts - read about the wars and conflicts between Native Americans and the white settlers.

Indian Territory - Read about the lands set aside for Native Americans by the government.

Native American Book Nook - visit this area for an extended reading list on each of the areas discussed on our site.

The Buffalo - All purpose beast of the plains

Native American and the English Language - influences Native Americans had on the English language

Native American Homes - Please visit our eBookstore to purchase a very inexpensive eBook with all of the Native American homes.

Native American Transportation - Long before the wheel and the horse were brought to North America , Native Americans devised many ways of getting from place to place. Find out more.

Native Americans and the Horse - did you know that Native Americans didn't always have horses? Read this section.

Native American Tribes - see a map of the Unites States with all of the tribes listed in their locations






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