Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. What are Native American Rhymes?

A. Native American Rhymes is a fun and very informative way for children learn about Native American history. Native American Rhymes are not nursery rhymes, but carefully researched lessons that are adaptable to any child's learning.

2. Q. Describe the learning styles that are compatible with Native American Rhymes.

A. Children learn in different ways and it makes sense to teach them where
they feel most comfortable. Some Children are more visual learners while others learn better when allowed to hum or sound out the lesson while still others can grasp a lesson better if they can do something "physical" as part of the process. Native American Rhymes addresses all of these learning styles because of their versatility.

3. Q. What are some of the ways Native American Rhymes fit with the different learning styles of children?

A. Each book in the Native American Rhyme series describes the essential elements such as geography, family life and language that is necessary for children to understand and appreciate the lives of Native Americans. The chapters in each book are short and concise to provide the maximum amount of information without being overwhelming. Each book also has an activities section which offers children the opportunity to "learn by doing" thus reinforcing the learning experience.

4. Q. Define the structure of Native American Rhymes.

A. Native American Rhymes can be read, rapped with other out loud and can be accompanied with music. In fact, the versatility of Native American Rhymes is only limited by the imagination.

5. Q. Do the books address the lives of Native Americans both past and present?

A. Yes, because children can get the mistaken belief from some books that Native Americans are no longer living. We discuss both past and present lives of Native Americans.


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