To Parents and Teachers:

My name is Sam Rhodes and I would like to introduce to you a new history book series I have written entitled, Native American Rhymes. I am a former teacher; a true history lover and I often used rhymes in my teaching. It wasn't until I stopped teaching that the idea of even attempting to write a history book came to mind. I then proceeded to spend the next five years developing what I believe is a fun and informative way for children to learn Native American history today.

The books in the Native American Rhymes series, which I firmly believe makes a great first introduction, describes the social, cultural and geographical elements that are essential for children to understand and appreciate the history of our very first Americans. The nine geographical areas covered are as follows: the Far North, Pacific Northwest Coast, Desert Southwest, Plains, Sub Arctic, California, Great Plateau and Great Basin and the Northeast and Southeast Woodlands.

As the title implies, Native American Rhymes is written in a rhyming format and each book in the series has been thoroughly researched to meet the essential element requirements that need to be included in a children's history book. The books can also be implemented into thematic lesson plans very easily. Other important features included in each book are a vocabulary preview, which highlights words students need to know. At the end of each unit there is a review that emphasizes critical thinking skills. These features coupled with simple effective illustrations combine to make what, I believe, will be an important addition to your child's educational experience.

It is my fondest hope that you and your children will enjoy reading the Native American Rhymes series.

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