The Plains Native American Reading List


  • Buffalo Hunt by Russell Freedman
  • Cheyenne Rose by L. E. Williams
  • Daily Life in a Plains Indian Village by Stuart A Kallen
  • Gift Horse: A Lakota Story by S D Nelson
  • Life in a Plains Camp by Bobbie Kalman
  • Native Americans: What Life was Like for the Nomadic Tribes Who Roamed the Great Plains by Michael Stotter
  • Sod Houses on the Great Plains by Glen Rounds
  • Heetunka's Harvest: A Tale of the Plains Indians by Jennifer Berry Jones
  • Tipi (Native American Homes) by McCrea Adams
  • Moki by Grace Jackson Penney
  • The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush Story of Friendship and Treachery by Paul Goble
  • The Sioux: People of the Great Plains by Anne M. Todd
  • Remaking the Earth: A Creation Story from the Great Plains of North America by Paul Goble
  • How Would You Survive as an American Indian by Scott Steedman
  • Little Hawk's New Name by Don Bolognese
  • The Mud Pony by Carol Lee Cohen
  • The Cheyenne by Petra Press
  • Nations of the Plains by Bobbie Kalman
  • The Pawnee Indians of North America by Frank W. Porter
  • The Legend of the White Buffalo Woman by Paul Goble
  • Plains Indians by Mir Tamin Ansary
  • Angels in the Dust by Robert Essley
  • Native American Sign Language by Madeline Olsen
  • Indians of the Great Plains by Viv Croot
  • Houses of Hide and Earth by Bonnie Shemie
  • The Crow Indians of North America by Frederick E. Hoxie
  • Love Flute by Paul Goble
  • Plains Indians (My World) by Kate Hayden
  • Spirit Horse by Ned Ackerman
  • Full Moon Stories: Thirteen Native American Legends by Eagle Walking Turtle
  • The American Indians: Mystery and Tradition on the Great Plains by Fiona MacDonald


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