The California Native American Reading List


  • California Indians (Native Americans) by Mir Tamiar Ansary
  • Children of Native America Today by Yvonne Wakin Dennis,
  • California Native American Tribes (box set) by Mary N. Boule
  • Native American Crafts of California, the Great Basin and the Southwest by Judith Hoffman Corwin
  • Coyote and the Grasshoppers: A Pomo Legend by Gloria Dominia & Charles Reasoner
  • Life of the California Coast Nations by Bobbie Kallman & Molly Aloian
  • Pasquala: The Story of a California Indian Girl by Gail Faber,
  • The Basket Women: A Book of Indian Tales by Mary Hunter Austin
  • Weaving a California Tradition: A Native American Basketmaker by Linda Yamane & Dugan Aguilar
  • My Ancestors Village by Roberta Labastida
  • Cahuilla (Indians of North America) by Lowell John Bear et. al.
  • Ten Little Rabbits by Virginia Gossman & Sylvia Long
  • Coyote Fights the Sun: A Shasta Indian Tale by Mary J Carpelan
  • Native American Book of Knowledge (Native People Native Ways Series Vol. 1) by White Deer of Autumn, Shonte W. Begay
  • Fire Race: A Karuk Coyote Tale of How Fire Came to People by Jonathan London,
  • Down from the Lonely Mountain: California Indian Tales by Jane Curry
  • Coyote Medicine: Lessons from Native American Healing by Lewis Mehl-Madrona
  • A Man Called Raven by Richard Van Camp,
  • Ceremony in the Circle of Life by White Deer of Autumn


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