The Great Native American Chiefs

Osceola (1804?-1838)


Osceola, was born into the Creek tribe at the beginning of the 19th century and is thought to have fought against Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812 and again in 1818. For a time he served the government by policing the Seminole reservation in Florida, but his loyalties evaporated after the Treaty of Payne's Landing (1832) was signed, an agreement that would have the Indians moved west of the Mississippi. Osceola attained the position of leadership among the Seminole and led them into the Seminole War of 1835, harassing the white troops from the swamps where he had hidden his people. In 1837 Osceola was captured and imprisoned at a peace conference while under a flag of truce; he died the following year

Source: Famous Native American Leaders - Dover Press


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